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Each custom timepiece is handcrafted in San Diego, CA.  -  SwissPL, Tell YOUR Story.  Design your watch: 800-774-4980

Welcome to SwissPL - custom watches handcrafted in CA.

Handcrafted in San Diego, CA, each timepiece we make is tailored to its owner. Create your idea; design your personalized watch, with the graphics and symbolism that means the most to you. The various squadrons/units you served with; your tours/deployments; the plane/helicopter you flew and your flight hours; your pilot wings, your callsign, your winging-date, your favorite tail-number; or any other milestones that are important to you along your journey. Of the millions of watches that are available in the world, this one is made for you.

Choose from one of our watch models to personalize with your unique design; featuring custom dial printing and tailored caseback engraving. Working with our designer, you will be guided smoothly through our customization process.

You aren't restricted with a limited set of graphics or options to choose from; you are free to get anything you like on your watch: A) your graphic or logo, B) the exact plane or helicopter that you fly, C) your squadron patch or deployment insignia, D) your family name or Coat of Arms, etc . . . it's a watch that tells YOUR story.

Our pricing starts at $1000; and the minimum order is 1.


SwissPL offers the opportunity to own a Swiss timepiece which is truly unique in the vast sea of watches; a timepiece personalized to you, that embodies your memories and accomplishments, that celebrates the milestones of your life. Each SwissPL watch is handcrafted in-house and is powered by a choice of high-grade Swiss movement [ETA 2824-2 automatic; Unitas 6498/6497 hand-wind; Ronda quartz]. There are three basic watch case styles to choose from and each style comes in stainless steel or pvd (black coated) steel finish. The Classic watch, the Aviator watch, and the Tactical watch.

Our watches are constructed of high-grade components found in many luxury Swiss watch brands such as sapphire crystal glass; surgical-grade 316-L stainless steel case; stainless steel Oyster bracelet with screws; solid end-pieces; screw-in crown with gasket; screw-down caseback with gasket; Super-Luminova on dials and hands; 120-click bezel; depth rating 300m.

Our Aviator watch model offers a beautiful exhibition window in the caseback to display the stunning Swiss Unitas hand-wind movement. Our Classic watch model is depth rated for 300 meters [which is 1000 feet; deeper than humans can dive - more info]. The Tactical watch model is a 44-mm combat gear type timepiece built with rugged engagement in mind and a pronounced dual edge case styling to make the ultimate resounding statement.

Our pricing starts at $1000; and the minimum order is 1.

How to Order
Start your design today. We charge $195 down payment (which is applied towards the total) to start the customization process where we work hand-in-hand with you to create your personalized watch design; tailored around your story, drafting revisions until we have the exact design you had in mind.

The images shown throughout our website are customization projects and concept designs. If you don't see the design or logo that you're looking for; or you can't find the plane, squadron patch or graphic that you'd like, quickly call or email us. Send your email to [contact@swisspl.com] with a short description of your idea, or call us toll-free at 1-800-774-4980.

SwissPL custom watches are specifically developed around your design ideas to create something so unique and filled with meaning; something to commemorate personal achievements and celebrate the milestones in your life. From your ancestors to your children, own a watch that tells YOUR story.

Customizable Watch Models
A) The CLASSIC watch. Pricing starts at $945; includes dial print and caseback engraving in our stainless steel case with Swiss quartz movement and black leather strap. Movement upgrade is available to the Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement with 25 jewels; upgrade price is $345. Optional steel bracelet and PVD all-black steel case available.

B) The AVIATOR watch. Pricing starts at $1995; includes dial print in our stainless steel case with Swiss Unitas 6497/6498 movement and exhibition caseback [to proudly display the gorgeous hand-wind movement] and handcrafted leather strap by Rios 1931. Optional PVD all-black case available.

C) The TACTICAL watch. Pricing starts at $1745; includes dial print and caseback engraving in our stainless steel case with Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement and black rubber strap. Optional leather strap and PVD steel case available.

The down payment of $195 is applied towards your total and will secure your space in our production run schedule; then we begin the tailored design and customization process. The starting prices (see above ↑) include design work and visual mockups, individual renderings and revisions, the watch and the customization which includes a 1-color dial print and personalized caseback engraving (engraving available on Classic and Tactical models).

The base price includes the 1st printed color on the dial, additional printed colors are $110 per color. Printing a multi-color logo/design is rather complex as each color requires its own separate art film and printing plates, ink mixing and individual print alignments, multiple test prints and then the final print. The price of your customized timepiece will depend on the complexity and colors of your printed design, as well as the Swiss movement you choose to power your watch. Everything we make is handcrafted in San Diego, California - Tell Your Story.

The Aviator

The Tactical

Production time for a customized watch is on average 12-14 weeks; however if you require it in a shorter time, we offer RUSH service for $249 which makes production time approx. 6-8 weeks (depending on your design). Our minimum order is one (1), pricing starts at $1000 - start YOUR design; the $195 down-payment is applied towards your total.

Call toll-free: 1-800-774-4980
Email us: contact@swisspl.com

Thank you for your time,
Alldaron Knewitz

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