Just a short note to let you know that we were very satisfied with the SwissPL timepiece you designed based on my son's specifications regarding the Naval Jet squadrons he was and currently is affiliated with. The watch was a great hit; thanks!

Erhard [father of Commander Krause]
VT-9 / United States Navy

No fear putting your name behind SwissPL watches. They are doing really great work. I own one and it has been really a great addition to my collection. The time is spot on. Great finish and quality SwissPL is providing to the aviation community.

John Heller

I received the watch yesterday as I was heading out of the house, the postman caught me, thank goodness. My husband is ecstatic he has his watch back from full repair. Thank you for the rush in service! Thank you for everything, he is wearing it with great pride today and through our trip to our friend's Change of Command.

J. Payne
United States Navy

It looks amazing! Thanks so much for all the hard work you did. I just unwrapped it and am wearing it now.

R. Brown
F-18 Aviator / United States Navy

I attended Tailhook 2012 this year with my wife, my son, with his family. My son is an XO at NAS Lemoore. 
During the convention, I registered for the SwissPL watch give-a-way at their booth, and surprisingly, received an email that I had won!

I never win anything! After choosing the design, I received my watch in December just before Christmas, and what a present it was. I couldn't be happier with the watch, it is more than I ever expected, and the quality is outstanding.

I recommend to anyone wanting the highest quality custom Swiss watch to contact Alldaron at SwissPL. You will not be disappointed.

Steve Phillips

Hey Alldaron! Yes, I got the watch sized and it's my special occasion watch. I can't get over the quality of it and I wanted to thank you again. Happy Halloween!

Matthew K.
Video Copilot

Oh my God! That is beautiful!!!!!!!!! It is stunning. Love the strap too!!!!! The entire package is stunning! Thank you... I am speechless! Your work is without equal!!!!!!

Joe Augustine
Steinway Concert Pianist

SwissPL is cool and rugged enough for a MiG-17 or A-4 Skyhawk, yet elegant and accurate enough for a CAT III landing in a 747-400! SwissPL, the pilot's choice for a personalized timepiece!!

Michael "BUICK" Eberhardt
Commercial Pilot & Air Show Aviator

I wanted to send a review immediately after I saw the watch and let you know how pleased I was and excited to have it, but I decided to wait and make sure it ran as well as it looked. Well, it has been 6 weeks now, so I feel confident that now is as good a time as any to let you know that you did an awesome job! When I ordered the watch, I only planned on wearing it every once in a while, but I have not worn another watch since! I have been showing it to all my buddies, and know that a few of them have already started the design and order process. Thanks again!

Steve Cazalas
U.S. Navy Commanding Officer [Retired]

Alldaron, you are THE MAN!! I'm sitting here gathering my thoughts for my retirement speech and the watch came in... THANK YOU! You made my day!! It really is beautiful! Thanks again! You definitely have a customer for life!

M. Cranston
United States Air Force / MAJOR [Retired]

Got the watches, Alldaron, well done. These are awesome, glad I'm finally wearing one on my wrist. I really appreciate you making these for us, it's a one of a kind. I'll try to get some pics to send you tomorrow.

N. Smith
VMA-211 / United States Marine Corps

My watch is famous. I saw a Navy buddy that had seen the watch on Facebook and he said, "Show me the famous watch"... I was sitting on an airliner as he walked by. The other passengers next to me liked it too.

Michael E.
United States Navy

The watch is perfect. Exactly what I wanted when I designed it. I have shown it to several former TOPGUN colleagues and every one of them have "oohed" and "awed" over it. A couple of them reminded me that Breitling designed a logo watch for TOPGUN; several years ago and commented that this was much better and 1/3 the price. Many thanks for your help. Best regards.

Steve H.

Wanted to say how much I am enjoying my customized Marine Corps SwissPL watch. I am impressed with the quality for the price paid and I also appreciate all the assistance and support that you provided to my son as he was designing, ordering and purchasing the watch. Thank you again!

COL. Rhinesmith
Colonel United States Marine Corps [Ret.]

You’ve got quality products! I can’t tell you how many folks ask me about my watch. I take it off and let ‘em hold it and look at the back plate with the engravings. They really admire the watch when they’re holding onto it. Great job on mine, great job on the one you showed me. You have a talent for watch making!

M. Cranston
United States Air Force / MAJOR [Retired]

For over a year now my F-14 watch has accompanied me every where I go and it has been accurate down to the second. It is and remains a Masterpiece of Watchmaking! Greetings from Germany!

Christian Karl

I just received the watch and am delighted. For me, the significance of this unique timepiece cannot be overstated and I am grateful that you could repair it for me.

The watch is universally admired by all who see it and I continue to tell people about your company and how satisfied I am as a customer.

Doug Bradt
Captain US Navy [retired]

Thank you Alldaron, we have received the watch a few hours ago. Thank you for accommodating and removing the signature from the face. My husband is super thrilled. Thank you. Great doing business with you. May your business prosper and you be in divine health.


I am BLOWN away! The watch looks amazing! I love all the updates you did, especially adding the personalization on the back of the watch! I have never experienced such spectacular customer service and I will never forget it! Thank you so much!

Tyler D.
Aviator / United States Navy

Just a quick note of thanks. The watch turned out to be fantastic. I especially want to thank you for working with me when things didn't quite work the first time with the design. You took the time to make some changes and ensured that the final watch was exactly what I wanted. Great watch and great experience working with you in getting it just right.

Dane N.
LT. COL. United States Air Force

I received my watch as a Valentine's Day gift from my girlfriend Christina this past year. I have three words to describe my experience with SwissPL: personalization, quality, service. A comparable quality of watch is only found with the most expensive of luxury timepiece makers.

However, with others, you cannot have the personalization that SwissPL offers. SwissPL went to great lengths to create a one of a kind watch that commemorates my love of aviation. Being a non-military pilot, SwissPL designed a custom watch face that includes ATP wings and my initials together with an engraving on the watch back.

I really found out about the quality of the watch after I brought it to a local jeweler to get sized. The jeweler raved to me about how he had never seen a watch of this quality, that was not from the "traditional" luxury watchmakers. His jaw dropped when I told him the price! You will not receive the same customer service that Alldaron and SwissPL offers anywhere else.

Christina and I are also always happy to receive the occasional message from Alldaron asking how I am enjoying the watch; and the service doesn't end there. As I write this, it is getting close to time for me to send my watch in to SwissPL for a routine service check and calibration. Thank you, Alldaron, for an amazing custom timepiece.

R. Fogelsanger
Commercial Airline Pilot

OUTSTANDING! That pretty much sums it up. Just what I wanted to see... the back was great, the wings were perfect and you got the correct F/A 18. Thanx so much for the follow up! I'm showing everyone the watch! Thanx again!

Bill "PIRATE" Mills
President & Chief Pilot / Blue Sky Yakrobatics

Got the watch! What a beautiful piece of art! I'm nervous to even wear it! Thank you. [It's] Front and center with all my proudest possessions!

N. Poloski
United States Navy Aviator

Oh, that is beautiful! I cannot wait to give it to Marc [for his Change of Command Ceremony]! It will be a treasured moment for me and I thank you for making this happen!!

There will be plenty of Skippers and Commanders around... I will definitely make contacts for you!!

B Orgain
Wife of Commanding Officer / United States Navy

I’ve been a watch aficionado for most of my adult life. As a young man I can remember looking at old pictures of Aviators, Soldiers, Sailors and Explorers, men and women of passion, courage and conviction. Though they came from all walks of life and applied their adventurous spirits in a myriad of ways, there was always one commonality I noticed….A wristwatch! Time is one of those elements of our daily lives that we are always subconsciously aware of. It is omnipresent and we usually find ourselves either wishing it would slow down or praying it could go faster. Yet, we quickly learn that it is something that we cannot control, capture or contain, only frame! I believe a watch should be a reflection of our personal style. More than just utility, it is an overt example of our taste, character and individual branding. Nothing sets a person apart more than a beautifully designed and precisely functioning, wrist worn, time piece! Thankfully, I’ve been able to acquire some magnificent pieces during my world travels as a U.S. Navy SEAL and Private Military Contractor. From Geneva and Milan to Paris and London, I’ve been blessed to acquire some masterpieces directly from the manufacturers. So you can imagine my complete surprise when I came across SwissPL in San Diego, California! From the moment I saw what they do, I knew I had to take my 'watch game' to a whole new level! With multiple models to choose from, SwissPL gave me the control to inventively frame my own story while skillfully capturing my brand. Their concept is not only daring, it is unparalleled! I am sure you will enjoy your creation(s) as much as I have relished mine."
"…..Don't wear someone else’s story, wear your own!

Chris Mark McKinley
United States Navy SEAL - Team 8 [retired]

I ordered this watch as a gift for my boyfriend, and I am very pleased with the quality. The design quality of the watch is top notch, and the process was seamless. I was amazed with the clarity of the design on such a small surface area. The engraving also came out beautifully. The customization process was very easy and there is a very fast turnaround. I am very happy with the end result and highly recommend ordering a custom watch from SwissPL.

Jessica P.
United States Navy [Retired]

I am absolutely amazed at the beauty and craftsmanship of this watch. SwissPL are a joy to work with and provide the highest level of professionalism. You will be very satisfied with the results of your custom made Swiss Watch.

Dr. S. Sadiq

The watch was well received by me. Wow, the watch just looks awesome. The sword hands I find just perfect for the watch. I am very happy. Helicopter graphics and caseback are perfect and beautiful. Thanks for everything and the great work. I wish you continued success. Have a nice day.

Marc W.

Wow! Except for my cameras, I have never owned something so exquisite. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Seriously I have never owned anything that nice.

Jose 'FUJI' Ramos
Professional Aviation Photographer

Alldaron... Santa arrived!!!! Can not tell you how primo deluxe the watches are!!! The detail is exceptional!!! I know he will be blown away [with his]. I love the my new Mig 21 "Beast"! You were right the Mig in red is bad ass!!!

Dale "Snort" Snodgrass
TOPGUN Aviator / United States Navy

Alldaron and SwissPL team; I received my watch last week and just wanted to thank you for an incredible timepiece! My Air Force retirement watch is awesome and I thank you guys for creating a true custom watch! Merry Christmas!

Eric Bulger
[Retired] / United States Air Force

So excited to receive this beauty. Ordered it back in June from SwissPL watch and they did an amazing job. Couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. The owner Alldaron sent regular updates and pictures for me to see the progress. This watch is a 4 year belated retirement gift showing my police and swat service. If you, or anyone you know of, is looking for a quality timepiece that you want to customize, reach out to SwissPL; they are amazing to deal with and make a quality watch.

C. Imperati
Down River SWAT [Retired]

I am so pleased with my personalized SwissPL watch [VAW-120 CONA squadron watch]. It marked a significant milestone in my career as an Exchange Officer with the U.S. Navy and also during the Centennial of Naval Aviation year of 2011. The quality of the watch is outstanding and [I] wear this watch along with the U.S. Naval Wings of Gold everyday now that I am back in Australia. Thanks to Alldaron for working with the Squadron to produce such a nice piece.

John Thornton
Royal Australian Air Force

He LOVES that watch and was extremely pleased with how it turned out. It's one of his prized possessions. You guys make an incredible product, and everyone is impressed when he shows it off.

Rachel R.
United States Navy

Absolutely fantastic! My watch has my wings, my call-sign "Frog" and a Hornet on the front, and looks great! On the back is engraved with an F-8 with the ACTUAL markings and number of MY airplane in VF-51; along with an aviation quote I picked out. I am really happy to look at my wrist, and remember what I did.

Alldaron very patiently worked with me over some period of time until he knew exactly what I wanted. Before production I received a very accurate set of pictures showing exactly what it would look like. Only problem is that [now] I have to get watches for my two Army sons [as well].

Frog Burgess
United States Navy Aviator [Retired] / VF-51 Screaming Eagles

SwissPL is breaking new ground in the world of fine Swiss watches by providing custom individualized timepieces. My personally designed SwissPL watch glistens with Naval Aviator Wings and a head-on image of an F-14 Tomcat plane. After 30 plus years and over 12000 hours of climbing into high performance jet fighters, I finally have a one-of-a-kind elegant timepiece that reflects and captures my passion and profession. Classic elegance, that is truly unique to you, is what makes SwissPL stand out.

PS... It also hacks 7 G's on a daily basis and catches waves when the surfs up!!!

Captain Dale "Snort" Snodgrass
Captain United States Navy [Ret.]

The watch is absolutely gorgeous!!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your assistance. I am thrilled with your work, AND your personal attention to detail. Most sincerely.

Col. John Hope
Colonel United States Air Force [ret.]

My watch was delivered yesterday and it is perfect! A stunning work of art. Thank you very much!

JJ Mathews
[Retired] / United States Navy